History of LBC+

Sam Miller

Inventor of LBC Complex Plus

Sam Miller was born in the Bronx NY in 1938. Sam was a normal boy playing stickball in the streets, watching Brooklyn Dodgers and taking Sunday car-rides with his family. Starting when Sam was fourteen years old, he was constantly struggling with sicknesses he couldn’t understand… dizziness, queasiness, disorientation and ringing in his ears. By the summer of 1952 every car-ride he took with his family became yet another episode of violent illness, often lasting for days.

In his suffering, Sam developed a fascination with the possibilities for understanding, and perhaps solving, his own conditions. After graduating from High School, Sam decided to dedicate his life to becoming a Compound Pharmacist and finding a remedy for his inner ear issues. After graduating Pharmacy School in New York, Sam decided to head West with the promise of sunshine and opportunity.

Not long after his arrival, Sam was hired as head Compound Pharmacist at Imperial Drug Store in Los Angeles California. After many years, Sam had reached his financial goal and decided to purchase his own Compound pharmacy and by 1965, Sam was the proud owner Medical Square Pharmacy.


Sam met Dr. John House Sr. at the world renown House Ear Clinic and research center in Los Angeles, California. Sam became a patient of Dr John House Sr. and learned that Sam had been suffering from the effects of Tinnitus, Vertigo and Meniere’s Disease.

After learning Sam was a compound Pharmacist, Dr. House asked Sam to move his pharmacy inside Dr. House’s Ear clinic and research center which he did right away.

After the urging of Dr. House Sam to dedicate his work to develop a solution that would help him and many others suffering from tinnitus and vertigo and Meniere’s disease, thereby setting the journey ahead that saw Sam Miller working side-by-side, for years with Dr. John House Sr. to find that solution.

By 1978 Dr. house and Sam developed LBC Complex Plus which has helped Sam and patients world-wide with their symptoms to improve their daily lifestyle. Best of all, Sam being able to speak and see the faces on all his satisfied LBC customers in the pharmacy gave him great pleasure seeing so many customers relieved of their symptoms by using LBC Complex Plus.